Next week is the latest big event in the IT industry calendar – the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, Germany. Green seems to be the fashionable IT buzzword right now and certainly the Consumer Electronics Show made a big deal about being greener.

But how much of this is just talk and PR puff. Are electronics products really becoming greener? Should claiming to be "green" mean more than just cutting power use? Are companies really addressing short life spans and miniscule recycling rates for their products? Which products contain the least harmful chemicals? Will CeBIT's Green IT village be showcasing real environmental innovations with wide applications?

To discover the answers to some of these and other relevant questions we'll be at CeBIT to cut through the corporate green speak and see which companies and products are on the cutting edge of environmental innovation. Our experts will be investigating the facts behind the hype and highlighting the leaders and showing up any superficial green claims.

If you happen to be attending CeBIT we'll be in Hall 19, Stand G55. If you would like us to ask something specific on the issue of greener electronics let us know here in the comments.

From next Wednesday we'll have daily updates on where the real progress is, exposing greenwashing and questioning industry insiders on how much green progress the electronics industry is making. You can follow our updates here and if you have a blog and you or your readers have a relevant question on electronics you'd like answered you can contact us directly by leaving a comment below: