Yesterday the EC published their new rules on emissions standards for cars. While the regulation is in the right direction it falls short on every key aspect. Here's a quick chart explaining the problem.

They suggestThe climate needsA fuel efficiency standard of 130g of CO2 per KM driven120gThat other efficiency measures can contribute another 10g to the standardThat these measures be taken as additional gains on top of the standardA single target for 2012Additional tougher targets of 80 grams by 2020 and a commitment to constant improvementsPenalties that start at 20 Euros / gram and rise to 95 Euros by 2015Penalties that will lead to compliance; 150 Euro from 2012 Opt outs for manufacturers who make less than 10 000 carsNo exceptions A standard that is easier to meet for heavier carsA standard that reflects what you do with a car, not how much it weighs

The overall difference between these two proposals? Roughly a doubling in the amount of CO2 emissions avoided by 2020.