Today's mailbag contains a couple of encouraging reports from the field:

Last Wednesday we had pretty good wind conditions in Germany. Due to the fact that just 12 out of 17 german nuclear reactors were running (the rest are either broken, under maintenance or have other problems) - electricity production on the 7th November was 340 million kWh from nuclear.

On the same day, german wind turbines produced 275 million kWh.

Germany nearly had as much of its electricity from wind as from nuclear -- and it's only a matter of time before wind exceeds nukes -- the question of course is how much time. "Faster, speed racer, faster!" being our motto, given that the world has only 100 months to get CO2 emissions moving toward decline.

And the good news for wind power this weekend (as well as for kite fliers, kite surfers, and extreme sailors): the forecast calls for force 9 winds.

In the same vein, Greenpeace pal Rémi reports seeing a sea of solar panels in Turkey.

Good news on the climate front is hard to come by: we need more nuggets of hope like these!