So yesterday I got to put out a press release with the headline “Flintstones and friends arrested” – happily they’ve all been released. Here’s a nice edit of our footage and vintage flintstones from EUXTV.

And an update from car campaigner Mel about what happened next.

I am really happy to be able to report that all nine activists were released without charge, and the Flintstones’ car was also released. Nonetheless, the activists were held for 6 hours – for administrative purposes only, on the grounds that apparently we needed to learn a lesson about getting correct protest permits. Hmm… yes that certainly seems to justify 20 police, 4 vans and 2 cars.

I prefer to think that actually it was a show of support for our parody. That somewhere in the Belgian police service someone wanted to stop these prehistoric lobbyists and their stone-aged message on car CO2 emissions from reaching Parliament!

The flintstones came along to help us launch our new report about how the car lobby is trying to thwart urgently needed fuel-efficiency legislation. Helped by friends in high places they have been fighting vigorously for nearly twenty years to undermine regulation. Through a PR effort known as the 3-D they have worked hard to: Deny the problem, Delay legislation, and Dominate the debate. Sadly, rather than standing up for the climate all too often EU decision makers have given in to the lobby’s stone-age demands, allowing them to drive climate change.

This week Members of European Parliament (MEPs) are discussing fuel legislation. So are we. Greenpeace campaigners from across Europe are meeting these politicians, and the committees formed to discuss the issue and are ensuring that they listen to our message –the one standing up for the climate. It’s been great to show those MEPs who have been standing up to the car lobby already, that they are not alone.

Our message is clear – it’s not too late. This autumn, there is a crucial vote where EU politicians can show they are not stuck in the stone-age, stand up to the car lobby and fight to save our climate.