Zeina, our E-waste campaigner, writes:

Two months ago like today, I was queuing at the entrance of the Moscone north in San Francisco with the rest of the APPLE aficionadas hoping to hear that Steve would be revealing the NEW green APPLE products. Disappointedly that day, we ONLY got this cool new phone BUT nothing on a greener product from the Master of Innovation and Design within the electronics industry.

Today I am on the plane heading north west from Amsterdam across the ocean then going South aiming to land in Austin Texas so I can attend and participate in the South by South West (SXSW) Festival where the grenmyapple.org is a finalist for a web award...

Being a campaigner in Greenpeace, this campaign has been a roller-coast ride for me since we start preparing it. Way before launching the wesbite, i was confronted with new terminology and i started learning from my web team WHAT digging/hugging/tagging mean. I still remember the face of our Chief Web editor when i went to his desk talking about my discovery of technorati. He had these eyes of a teacher whose student had just passed her final exam!

In San Francisco two months ago, i discovered why MacWorld can be easily dubbed in my dictionary as "The HAJJ" of the Mac CLANS/FANS. But I also discovered that the Mac fans and users were as interested in a Greener Mac as much as we in the campaign.

I don't know what to expect for SXSW, reading about the panels and the sessions that will take place at the interactive festival, I am sensing that it will be a real cross learning fora on Communications techniques ...

Communication is a two way road and i believe the green my apple campaign has been an impressive tool of communication. We tried to reach an audience far away from our daily campaign work about something sooo close and so important for them (their macs). Seeing the particpation in the campaign so far and the creative design we are getting for the site and being nominated for the SXSW award means that we have succeeded reaching out to the Mac crowds.

It doesn't matter if we win or not BUT can you imagine that as well...

Well, we will know on Sunday BUT trust me for a woman who few months ago never heard of deli.ci.ous outside the kitchen door in description of a MEAL. Winning at SXSW will be soooooo coooooooooooooool.

Now look at that. A year ago she didn´t know what del.icio.us was, and NOW she even knows how to punctuate it. --Ed.