Covering the various disasters, leaks, deceptions and cover-ups of the nuclear industry, as we do here daily at Nuclear Reaction, it’s difficult not to develop a rather dark sense of humour. Some days it’s hard not to laugh at some of the news coming out of the industry. It’s either that or cry, really.

We’ve pretty much got enough material to start writing a comedy show set in a nuclear power plant. And the material just keeps coming

Managers of an atomic power plant in Sweden used janitors to guard the facility when the alarm system was malfunctioning, according to a critical report Thursday from the country's nuclear watchdog.

We promise most sincerely that we didn’t make that up. When a new alarm system failed at the Oskarshamn reactors earlier this month, cleaners and maintenance staff were told to guard the perimeter fences. Presumably they were expected to fight off any intruders with brooms and wrenches.

Honestly and truthfully, this isn’t a joke from a comedy show. Not yet.