We’ve decided to make some big changes here at Nuclear Reaction. We’re getting rid of our computers and replacing them with typewriters. We’re giving up our email and telephones and taking up smoke signals and semaphore. We’ve stopped going to the doctor and now have our aches and pains treated by an old woman who lives around the corner with her black cat and broomstick.

‘But Nuclear Reaction!’ we hear you cry. ‘You’re giving up all those wonderful inventions that have made life so much better and you’re going back to old, discredited methods and ways of doing things. It’s madness!’

And ordinarily we’d agree with you but then we saw this news story

Amec showed its determination to pursue nuclear business at the expense of renewables yesterday when it signed a "transition agreement" to take over management of the Sellafield atomic site in Cumbria [,UK] while selling off its wind business for £126m.

…and we thought, ‘Well, if Amec are giving up a clean, safe, productive and profitable technology in favour of a dangerous, expensive and discredited ways of doing things, why shouldn’t we? Amec aren’t morons, are they?’

We’ve found a nice cave to live in as well…