nuclear power has another bad year

As 2012 comes to its close, we can all see that that it’s been yet another terrible year for nuclear power. This year has once again shown the nuclear industry’s incompetence, its waste of valuable time, money and resources, and its cynicism in refusing to learn lessons or listen to reason.

It truly has been a case of no steps forward and ten steps back.

In rounding up the nuclear industry’s misadventures this year, we doubt we could do better than this excellent piece by Jim Green at New Matilda:

The nuclear industry's biggest enemy in 2012 was itself. Security breaches, leaks, illegal dumping and poor oversight - anything that could go wrong, did.

We hope 2012 has been as kind to you as much as it has been cruel to the nuclear “renaissance”. We wish 2013 will be as prosperous and full of joy for you as much as it’s going to be unpropitious and full of gloom for the nuclear industry.

Happy holidays!