Remember last week when we told you nuclear lobbyists in Europe were pushing for the continent's reactors not to be tested for their resistance or otherwise to terrorist attacks? Well, the lobbyists have won.

Agreement on the content of  'stress tests' for Europe's nuclear power stations between the European Commission and European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group will be announced this morning.

European nuclear watchdogs have agreed details of safety checks on the EU's reactors to prevent crises like that in Japan, but they will not include tests for resisting terror attacks, the European Commission said.

Europe's aging nuclear power stations are getting stress tests lite. These safety checks won't be independent, won't cover plans for emergencies and won't always tell us whether some of Europe's most obvious terrorist targets are protected or not. The pro-nuclear governments in the UK, France and the Czech Republic are responsible for watering down the deal.

Feel safer? Reassured? With the nuclear industry facing a massive crisis of plummeting public confidence it really isn't doing the cause of greater openness and transparency any favours.

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