Here at Nuclear Reaction we’ve been unforgivably neglectful of one of the nuclear industry’s major players. Wherever there’s a nuclear deal to be done, you can almost guarantee that Atomic Anne Lauvergeon will be at the heart of the action.

Chief Executive of world famous nuclear idiots Areva (whose clumsy and dirty children include Tricastin, Olkiluoto and Flamanville), Atomic Anne is one well-travelled lady. She often accompanies France’s number one nuclear salesman Nicholas Sarkozy on his overseas sales trips. She was with him in the Gulf States earlier this year with him when the French Presidents silky sales skills saw a nuclear power deal signed between France and the United Arab Emirates.

Today Anne is being given an honorary doctorate in sciences by Imperial College in London. And guess what? Atomic Anne’s Areva have close ties to Imperial College – they cooperate together on research and development. They’re big fans of nuclear power at Imperial College hosting, as they do, the Keeping the Nuclear Option Open initiative. They and Anne are the perfect match.