Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: AECL's future hinges on Ontario deal, sources say

‘Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. is fighting for its survival, as industry supporters say the federal government is preparing to pull the plug on the heavily subsidized Crown corporation if it loses a bid to build two nuclear reactors in Ontario.’

The Daily Telegraph: We must entrust France with our nuclear energy

‘The Government seems almost embarrassingly keen to sell British Energy to state-controlled Eléctricité de France (EDF). Now imagine that scenario in reverse… Exactly. The Elysée's attitude to foreign interest in its power companies is very much "Ne touchez pas, si'l vous plaît" - only without the s'il vous plaît. It has just orchestrated an all-French merger of Gaz de France and Suez to create a national champion and Europe's largest gas distributor.’

Associated Press: Mining activity called a toxic threat to Southwest's Colorado River supply

‘Environmental groups are warning that threats of toxic pollution from future mining activity lurk on the Colorado River. The Washington, D.C.-based Environmental Working Group compiled a database of mining claims on public lands and found more than 5,500 hard-rock mining claims within 10 miles of the river and nearly 1,200 within five miles. Environmental groups say mines too close to a river could contaminate the water and damage fragile ecosystems. The Colorado River supplies water for drinking and irrigation to more than 25 million people in Arizona and six other states.’

The Hindu: India firm on “unconditional” exemption

‘The former Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), M.R. Srinivasan, has said that if the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) does not give a “clean and unconditional” exemption from its guidelines for nuclear commerce with India, “there is a risk that India may pull out of the process.”’ New law appropriates $250K to independently investigate Navy's Apra Harbor findings

‘A new law will pay for the government of Guam to independently test Apra Harbor. Acting Gov. Mike Cruz signed Bill 349, creating Public Law 29-104. It appropriates $250,000 for an independent investigation into the Navy’s findings regarding the USS Houston’s radioactive leak into Apra Harbor, according to a news release from the governor’s office. Cruz met with Commander Naval Forces Marianas Adm. William French and other military officials yesterday to discuss the Navy’s results, the news release stated.’

redOrbit: Chinese Company Wants to Build Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant

‘China's Guangdong Nuclear Power Group has expressed its intention to participate in the construction of Belarus's first-ever nuclear power plant, Belarusian Deputy Energy Minster Mikhail Mikhadzyuk told reporters in Minsk on Monday [11 August]. "China has 20 years of experience in the construction and maintenance of nuclear power plants, and that is why we will consider this proposal of the Chinese side for possible cooperation in the development of a nuclear power industry in Belarus," Mikhadzyuk said.’

George Monbiot: Old King Coal is a brave old soul, but he is talking utter nonsense

‘I feel I need to point out that I have not become an advocate for nuclear power. My position is that environmentalists should stop trying to pick technologies for electricity generation. Instead we should demand a maximum level for the carbon dioxide produced per megawatt-hour, impose a number of other public safety measures, then allow the energy companies to find the cheapest means of delivering it. Otherwise we are in danger of backing the solutions we find aesthetically appealing and delaying the massive carbon cuts that need to be made. If nuclear power meets the very tough conditions I proposed last week, we should no longer oppose it - though that remains a big if. This is too subtle a point for Arthur and other commentators, who are shrieking that Monbiot has gone nuclear.’