Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

The Boston Globe: Georgia chaos halts nuclear security effort

‘The chaos in Georgia has forced the United States to halt a high-priority program that was helping the former Soviet republic to identify possible smugglers of nuclear bomb components across its borders, long considered a transit point for terrorists seeking to obtain weapons of mass destruction, according to US officials.’

Yahoo! News: Japan signals approval of India-US nuclear deal

‘Japan on Tuesday signalled it would approve a nuclear energy deal between India and the United States, raising the chances that the controversial pact will come into force. The 45-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group, which controls the global flow of civilian atomic exports, is expected to meet Thursday in Vienna on the nuclear deal. Objections by any nation would scuttle the pact.’

Los Angeles Times: San Onofre nuclear power plant feeling regulatory pressure

‘San Onofre nuclear plant managers are scrambling to avoid stepped-up oversight from regulators and to resolve worker safety and operational problems that have put the facility's industry ratings significantly below its peers.’

Reuters: Niger rebel says Saharan Tuaregs to set down guns

‘Niger's Tuareg rebel leader Aghaly ag Alambo said his fighters would lay down their guns from Monday and, together with neighbouring Mali's Tuareg rebellion, submit to mediation by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.


Alambo, of the Niger Justice Movement (MNJ), has previously demanded up to 30 percent of uranium revenue be allocated to Niger's mainly Tuareg north, where French state-controlled nuclear group Areva mines the radioactive metal.’

The Economic Times: Switzerland hails India's economic power, backs nuclear energy: Envoy

‘Switzerland sees India as "a rising economic power" and backs its efforts to develop civil nuclear energy, Swiss envoy Dominique Dreyer said here, days before a key meeting of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) in Vienna Aug 21.’

The Times of India: India may run into New Zealand block at NSG

‘Just two days before the crucial NSG meet on the Indo-US nuclear deal, New Zealand sounded an alarm bell for India by stating that it has reservations about the contents of the NSG draft and that it is also contemplating certain conditions which could be weaved into the draft in the form of extra assurances. Replying to a queries from The Times of India, New Zealand minister for disarmament and arms control Phil Goff said that some of the conditions New Zealand is looking at include the end of the deal in case of any further nuclear test by India which is in keeping with the Hyde Act.’

PRWEB: The Economist Hosts Online Debate About Energy Security

‘The Economist Debate Series announces its eleventh online debate ( focused on the current issue of energy security. The proposition for this debate is: "This house believes that we can solve our energy problems with existing technologies today, without the need for breakthrough innovations."’