Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

Stuff: NZ heading to nuke clash with India

‘New Zealand's hardline anti-nuclear policy is threatening to create a diplomatic storm with India. Wellington later this month will determine whether India can sign it's much yearned for nuclear technology deal with the United States. In a meeting in Vienna on Friday night New Zealand warned India and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) not to take its support for granted.’

The Guardian: EDF has other cards to play without British Energy

‘If EDF fails to persuade British Energy shareholders to accept its bid, the French group will not be short of options or cash to build on its global nuclear leadership and develop new businesses such as gas.’

Bloomberg: German Nuclear Exit Should Be Reversed, Ministry Taskforce Says

‘The German government should abandon its planned phase-out of nuclear energy to help rein in surging electricity prices and protect the environment, according to proposals drawn up by an energy taskforce under Economy Minister Michael Glos.’

Greenville Online: Failed MOX test at Catawba may have implications for Oconee

‘Officials have interrupted the multiyear test of converted plutonium fuel at a South Carolina nuclear reactor after the discovery of "excessive growth" in the fuel assemblies, two nuclear watchdog groups said Monday. Officials with the two groups said the discovery has implications for other reactors, including Oconee Nuclear Station, where similar types of fuel assemblies using different fuel have produced "the same flaw."’

Reuters: Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump cost soars 67 pct

‘The planned U.S. nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain in Nevada will cost billions more than previously estimated due to a hike in the amount of waste it will have to dispose of and inflation, the Energy Department said on Tuesday.

The Yucca Mountain program, which began in 1983 and is expected to close in 2133, is expected to cost $96.2 billion in 2007 dollars over its 150-year life cycle, up 67 percent from a 2001 estimate of $57.5 billion.’

PR-inside: Brazil wants US help managing nuclear waste

‘Brazil asked the United States for help managing waste from its nuclear reactors during a visit Tuesday from American Deputy Secretary of Energy Jeffery Kupfer.

Brazilian Mines and Energy Secretary Edson Lobao said the United States has made significant advances in the storage of residue from reactors.’