Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

UPI: Areva launches an investment program

‘French nuclear company Areva started an investment arm. Through its new financial program based in Le Creusot, Areva announced it will work to increase its nuclear power program.’

The Guardian: Suez, GDF shareholders back birth of energy giant

‘[Suez Chief Executive Gerard] Mestrallet has said GDF Suez may bid for one or two new-generation EPR nuclear reactors in Britain, and would decide at the start of 2009 whether to take part in the construction of a second EPR in France -- where it would compete with EDF.’

The Australian: Nuclear waste trade ruled out

‘THE Rudd Government has ruled out accepting international nuclear waste, but says it is considering a continued role in an international forum as part of its global efforts against the proliferation of atomic weapons.’

The Guardian: All aboard the nuclear power superjet. Just don't ask about the landing strip

‘Even our language fails, then, when faced with the challenge of alerting future generations to the dangers we have introduced into the world through the use of nuclear power. Seen in this light, the actors who are supposed to be the guarantors of security and rationality - the state, science and industry - are engaged in a highly ambivalent game. They are no longer trustees but suspects, no longer managers of risks but also sources of risks. For they are urging the population to climb into an aircraft for which a landing strip has not yet been built.’

RIA Novosti: Russia's Tvel to supply fuel to Slovak reactors up to 2015

‘Russian state nuclear fuel producer Tvel has won a tender to supply enriched uranium to power plants in Slovakia up to 2015, Slovak power utility Slovenske elektrarne said on Wednesday.’