Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

AJC: Has the time come for nuclear power? No: Price is high in so many ways

‘[S]ome want to see a hundred or more new reactors built here, which will produce even more nuclear waste while leaving little money to invest in real solutions that we can safely transfer around the world, such as energy efficiency and renewables, including wind, solar and biomass. As we're seeing with Iran, it's unlikely that the U.S. would be keen on having nuclear power technologies shipped all over the globe. Global warming and all smart energy policies require terror-resistant solutions. No matter what you think about nuclear power, it will not solve global warming and it can only complicate strained international relations.’

The Standard: CNNC plans first nuclear power plant in Hainan

‘China is considering to build the first nuclear power plant on the tropical island of Hainan, as the country struggles with power shortages and aims to expand nuclear power use and reduce its heavy reliance on dirty coal.’

Business Week: Will French Leaks Harm Nuclear's Revival?

‘France gets 80% of its electricity from nuclear plants, more than any country in the world, and its largely unblemished track record is often cited as evidence that nuclear power can be safe and efficient. But recent problems at French nuclear facilities have shaken confidence in the industry, just as French nuclear giant Areva (CEPFI.PA) is joining the government in pushing for a global nuclear power revival.’

Power Engineering: AmerenUE submits COLA for 1,600 MW nuclear generating unit

‘AmerenUE said it submitted a combined Construction and Operating License Application (COLA) to the NRC for a potential new nuclear power plant in Missouri. AmerenUE said it intends to seek approval to build a new 1,600 MW pressurized water reactor adjacent to its existing nuclear unit, Callaway Plant. The company's single-unit, 1,190 MW Callaway electric generating plant accounts for 19 percent of the company's total generation.’

Daily Times: No country can intervene in Pak nuclear plan: FO

‘Pakistan is not a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and as such, the group has no say in Pakistan’s nuclear programme or its assets, Foreign Office spokesman Muhammad Sadiq said on Monday.’

Newsweek: Anatomy of a Nuclear Deal

‘Historians may one day call it the "duty-free demarche." In December 2006, U.S. arms negotiator Victor Cha was departing Beijing after another failed round of talks on North Korea's nukes. While waiting in the baggage line, Cha suddenly found himself standing next to Kim Gwe Gwan, Pyongyang's lead negotiator. The two men chatted amiably for a few minutes and then Kim suggested they meet at the duty-free shop after Cha passed through security. Once there, standing between the cigarette and liquor counters, Kim told Cha that Pyongyang favored direct Korean-American talks in the hope this would revive the moribund negotiations.’

Yahoo! News: Huge losses for Japan's TEPCO as energy costs soar

‘Tokyo Electric Power Co., Japan's biggest electric utility company, said Monday it lost more than 700 million dollars in the three months to June due to soaring fuel costs at its power plants. The operator of the world's largest nuclear plant, which was shut down by an earthquake last year, warned it expects to end the year deep in the red. […] A quake in July 2007 caused a slew of problems at the group's Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant, including a fire and a small radiation leak. The plant was shut down and the company was forced to shoulder higher prices for oil and other fossil fuels as it raised thermal power generation to make up for the shortfall.’