Hello there, and welcome to Nuclear Reaction. We started writing this blog three weeks ago but today's the day we're inviting the world in to see what we've been up to.

Why the delay? Well our mission is to record the meltdown of that most over-rated, over-subsidised and over-confident of industries, the nuclear industry. Perhaps we were being overcautious, but we were wondering if there'd be enough material to sustain a daily weblog.

Well, in those three weeks we've racked up

Governments promising to pay the damages in the event of nuclear disaster

A slow burning demi Chernobyl in Japan

A nuclear leak in France

And the consequences

And another one

And another one

And another one

Some farcical nuclear spin

A 32 billion cost overrun at Yucca Mountain

Nuclear induced Miracles in the Indian Parliament

We've also found time to write about what importing uranium might do to your human rights record, the inability of the nuclear industry to deliver on time and on budget and the nuclear industry's influence on both candidates at the US election.

And those are just the juicy bits, in each days Fallout section you'll see the rest of the days' nuclear news.

Whatever were we worried about?

Welcome to Nuclear Reaction, where as we like to say you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish we were making it up.