Life is a series of compromises and trade offs. We balance every decision we make. We prioritise. Doing that means we can’t do this. Doing this means we can’t do that. Everything has as opportunity cost.

Take Lithuania for example. One of the conditions for Lithuania being admitted to the European Union in 2004 was that it closed Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. The plant is of a similar design to that at Chernobyl and like the doomed Russian reactor, Ignalina lacks adequate containment facilities in the event a meltdown.

The Lithuanian people are voting on October 12 in referendum on whether to hold to the promise to close the plant. However, ‘many of the Baltic country's leaders and voters want to renege, arguing that the risk of having to rely on nearby Russia for electricity outweighs the risk of another Chernobyl’.

As we said, life is a series of compromises. We have to prioritise. But might we humbly suggest that, if you think that buying electricity from another country until another solution is found is worse than the risk of a repeat of the worst nuclear accident in the world’s history, you have your priorities slightly confused.