The nuclear village idiot, Tricastin is back in the news again after another incident at the site. How many times is that this summer? We’re losing count.

This time the Tricastin 2 reactor had to be evacuated after two fuel units became ‘snagged’ during refuelling operations. Thankfully on this occasion, according to reports, there was no external leak.

Initial reports are never the end of the story where Tricastin is concerned, however. If things run their usual course we can expect a slow trickle of bad news about this incident in the coming days.

Poor Tricastin. What kind of life is it, dribbling all over the place, pathetic and stripped of all dignity? If it was a family pet you’d be considering taking it to the vet to ask him to do the kind and humane thing. Won’t someone put Tricastin out of its misery?