Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

Belarus News: Nuclear power project is fraught with «ordeals», expert says

‘The Belarusian government’s plans to build a nuclear power plant are fraught with “multiple troubles and ordeals for the people,” Belarusian expert Heorhiy Lepin said at an international conference in Vilnius on October 9.’

The Guardian: North Korea in nuclear U-turn after terror list reprieve

‘North Korea said yesterday it would resume dismantling its nuclear weapons programme, hours after the US removed it from the list of states that sponsor terrorism.’

The London Times: EDF considers the sale of Eggborough power station

‘The French energy company is understood to be confident that regulators in Brussels will approve the proposed £12.4 billion takeover of British Energy quickly without recourse to a lengthy Phase II inquiry, which could drag on until next spring. The European Commission is to consider the implications of the deal for competition in Britain's wholesale electricity markets this month.’

Monsters and Critics: French delegation gets no new insight into Iran's nuclear policy

‘'As far as the nuclear issue is concerned, we leave Iran with less than we knew before,' French socialist lawmaker Elisabeth Guigou told reporters at the French ambassador's residence in Tehran.’

The Earth Times: Vote count underway in Lithuanian elections – Summary

‘Votes were being counted early Monday after Lithuanians went to the polls in a general election that included a separate referendum on the future of the country's only nuclear power plant.’