Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Nuclear stances differ in degree

‘Republican presidential hopeful John McCain has called for the construction of 45 plants by 2030. Democrat Barack Obama concedes that nuclear power has a role to play in cleaner-burning energy production but has set no construction targets and, unlike McCain, opposes storing the spent waste in Nevada's Yucca Mountain -- a long-discussed but still-unused depository.’ Entergy plans to spin off Indian Point, other nuclear plants

‘Indian Point's owner says it still expects to spin its nuclear plants off into a separate company despite the credit crisis that has racked the global economy this month.

"We know what's going on in the market," said Jim Steets, spokesman for Entergy Nuclear, which owns and operates Indian Point. "But we expect that we are going to be complete the financing necessary for the spin-off by the end of the fourth quarter."’

Colombo Page: Sri Lanka mulling to produce nuclear power

‘Sri Lankan government says it is considering producing nuclear power in the near future as a solution to future power needs in the country. Sri Lankan Minister of Science and Technology Tissa Vitharana says this project would be a better answer to the rising power crisis.’ Tricastin reactor 2 to be off for several weeks-EDF

‘Unplanned works at the 900-megawatt (MW) nuclear reactor 2 at the troubled Tricastin plant in southeast France will take another few weeks, EDF said on Monday.’

SFGate: Fiscal woes could delay climate change efforts

‘Hopes for action had been running high since both Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama had pledged to make cutting U.S. greenhouse gas emissions a top priority. But environmentalists now fear that the next president may be more focused on reviving a flatlining economy, and Congress could be wary of supporting any measures that might slow growth or raise energy prices for consumers.’

Bloomberg: Uranium Falls to January 2006 Level as Utilities Seek Bargains

‘Uranium dropped to the lowest level since January 2006 as utilities held off purchases, expecting the metal used to fuel nuclear reactors to continue declining, Denver-based pricing service TradeTech LLC said.’

Bloomberg: North Korea to Resume Shutting Down Reactor Today, IAEA Says

‘North Korea will resume shutting down its Yongbyon nuclear reactor today and allow United Nations inspectors to monitor the process, the International Atomic Energy Agency said.’