Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

Eco Buying: Brit’s Eye View: Is this the end of capitalism as we know it?

‘I have no idea what kind of defense secretary John Hutton will make, but it’s a relief that he is no longer running the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR), where he orchestrated the renaissance of nuclear power almost single-handedly. Where the return of Peter Mandelson to the cabinet will take us on business issues remains to be seen, but more interesting is the creation of a new Department of Energy and Climate Change to be led by Ed Miliband, taking away BERR’s energy responsibilities (and hopefully rescuing energy policy from the odd cabal of nuclear enthusiasts there, or at least ending the long-running feud between the industry and environment departments).’

RSC: Radiopharmaceutical shortage raises long-term supply questions

‘A temporary European shortage of radionuclides, caused by the closure of several nuclear reactors, has highlighted potential long-term problems with the supply of radioactive isotopes for medical imaging.’

Your Nuclear News: Mirion Technologies Awarded the Contract for the Radiation Monitoring Systems for Flamanville 3 Nuclear Power Plan

‘The contract was awarded by Electricite de France (EDF) to a partnership group, led by INEO ANC (part of the GDF SUEZ Group) which includes MGP Instruments SA (a Mirion Technologies Company), SNEF and CERAP (part of the GDF SUEZ Group). Together the team is responsible for the design, manufacture, cabling, fluid handling, installation and commissioning of the radiation monitoring systems. The contract starts with immediate effect and is expected to last up to five years.’

ITAR-TASS: Iranian specialists ready to launch Bushehr nuclear power plant

‘Iranian specialists are prepared to put into operation the Bushehr nuclear power plant (NPP), Ahmad Fiyazbahsh, deputy head of the Organization for Atomic Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, told local reporters on Tuesday.’

Grist: Old dog, nuke tricks

‘Environment America today released a new report looking at the environmental implications of John McCain's plan to build 45 new nuclear reactors by 2030, and 100 over time. Their report concludes that McCain's plan would be "an economic and environmental disaster."’

Bloomberg: Paladin Says Crunch May Scupper Some Uranium Projects

‘Paladin Energy Ltd., the Australian company producing uranium in Namibia, said the global credit crisis will delay or scupper planned industry projects, cutting supplies of the nuclear fuel.’