Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

Lynchburg News Advance: Areva looks to federal loan guarantees for new reactors

‘The fate of four power plants that would use Areva’s new nuclear reactor design could depend in part on a decision the U.S. Department of Energy will make soon. Later this month, the agency will say which nuclear plants are first in line to share $18.5 billion in federal loan guarantees that are in high demand, since at least 19 companies have announced plans to build new reactors.’

World Nuclear News: EdF generator renovation contract for Alstom

‘Alstom has signed a framework agreement with Electricité de France (EdF) for the renovation of generators at EdF's nuclear power reactors. Alstom originally supplied the generators for all the units.’

Asian Tribune: The 4th Burmese Empire with Nuclear Weapon

‘Google Alert Burma duly reported of how Burma is near completion of nuclear weapon on the 18th instant and of how its Defense Minister boasts that by 2020 Burma would be one of the greatest nations in Southeast Asia. Given the economic reality of Burma compounded with its gross mismanagement and human rights violations is it but an empty dream or a reality?’

World Nuclear News: Nuclear phase out a '€50 billion mistake'

‘Italy will begin new nuclear power station construction by 2013, reversing the 'terrible mistake' made in phasing out nuclear power, said Claudio Scajola, Italy's Minister for Economic Development.’

The Star: Nuclear costs pressure industry

‘Resource, labour and regulatory constraints continue to draw attention to the risks and uncertainties of building new nuclear reactors, and as North American utilities start digging into the details they're finding expansion of their nuclear fleets are likely to cost much more than originally thought. And that's ignoring any impacts the current credit crunch could have on financing these massive projects.’

iStockAnalyst: Rostekhnadzor to Inspect Mayak Spent Nuclear Fuel Processing Facility

‘The Russian industrial safety watchdog Rostekhnadzor will inspect the Mayak chemical plant on October 20 to 25 under a plan of comprehensive checks on Russia's industrial enterprises, Rostekhnadzor said in a press release.’

IHT: The limits of nuclear power

‘There's a problem about nuclear energy that gets little attention. At present, fossil fuels provide 87 percent of the world's total energy while nuclear power plants provide just 4.8 percent. (All nuclear power plants currently generate electricity, accounting for about 15 percent of world electricity generation, while fossil fuels produce almost 67 percent of the electricity.) The best estimates put the amount of uranium that can be mined economically (what geologists call the reserves) at about 5.5 million metric tons, and according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, today's nuclear power plants use 70,000 metric tons a year of uranium. At this rate of use, the uranium that could be mined economically would last about 80 years.’

The Daily Times: India and the nuclear black market

‘As India waits to reap the dividends of its nuclear deal, the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) has, in a recent report, questioned the adequacy and implementation of India’s export control and nuclear classification procedures.’