Some other stories from nuclear industry you may have missed:

Times Online: Nuclear-powered passenger aircraft 'to transport millions' says expert

Nuclear-powered aircraft may sound like a concept from Thunderbirds, but they will be transporting millions of passengers around the world later this century, the leader of a Government-funded project to reduce environmental damage from aviation believes.

World Nuclear News: Flamanville supply chain 'needs oversight'

Areva has been told to monitor its subcontractors more closely after it was discovered that one had supplied a pressure system part without properly following testing procedures. The parts in question are to be used to form the pressurizer of the water-cooled reactor under construction at Flamanville. A routine check carried out by France's Nuclear Safety Authority (Autorité De Sûreté Nucléaire, ASN) revealed a 'gap' in compliance with regulations. '

Your Nuclear News: Areva/India - Talks with French firm soon for nuclear reactors

Final negotiations between the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) and French firm Areva are expected to start soon. NPCIL chief S K Jain was in Paris last week in this connection, diplomatic sources said. Areva had the "political clearance" to negotiate on the first generation European Pressurised Reactors (EPRs) and their construction in India.

Counterpunch: The Clean, Green Nuclear Machine?

The Marshallese medical studies declassified in the 1990s include documents demonstrating that Atomic Energy Commission scientists fully expected adverse health effects to not only occur in the first generation of people exposed to fallout, but in the subsequent generations of people who live in a contaminated setting.

AllAfrica: Namibia: Conversations - Nukes and Uranium

Today, a labour think-tank hosts a public debate about uranium in Namibia. The Labour Resource and Research Institute (LaRRI) is putting the vexatious issue of nuclear use in the public domain. It is simply not good enough to say: "Namibia should consider exploiting its uranium ore reserves in the light of rising uranium prices."

Market Watch: 'Alert' Declared at PPL's Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant

An alert was declared at 12:06 p.m. Monday (10/27) at the Susquehanna nuclear plant in Luzerne County near Berwick, Pa., when workers detected a low oxygen level in a pump room related to the Unit 2 reactor. "Plant personnel were working on a pipe to improve a system that could be used to circulate water in the reactor," said Joe Scopelliti, PPL's Susquehanna public information manager.

The Salt Lake Tribune: Radioactive sieve: Compact tries to close loophole for foreign waste

The Northwest Interstate Compact on Low-level Radioactive Waste Management isn't much of a doorman. For years, the compact thought it was guarding against shipments of foreign radioactive waste into the eight-state region, which includes Utah. Meanwhile, Envirocare, now EnergySolutions, has been using the back door to bypass the regional regulators, doing a brisk business in imported radioactive waste at its nuclear garbage dump in Tooele County.