Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

New York Times: Rate of Nuclear Thefts ‘Disturbingly High,’ Monitoring Chief Says

‘Dr. ElBaradei, in his annual report to the General Assembly, said nearly 250 such thefts were reported in the year ending in June. "The possibility of terrorists obtaining nuclear or other radioactive material remains a grave threat," he said. "Equally troubling is the fact that much of this material is not subsequently recovered."’

World Nuclear News: Control rod woes for Swedish units

‘Maintenance outages at Forsmark 3 and Oskarshamn 3 have been extended after defects were found in control rods. The units, totalling 2323 MWe of capacity, are not expected to restart until the end of November or early December.’ Flawed economics of nuclear power

‘Over the last few years the nuclear industry has used concerns about climate change to argue for a nuclear revival. Although industry representatives may have convinced some political leaders that this is a good idea, there is little evidence of private capital investing in nuclear plants in competitive electricity markets. The reason is simple: nuclear power is uneconomical.’

BBC: Plans for nuclear dump considered

‘[The UK’s] Cumbria County Council is considering "expressing an interest" in a formal government process to find a suitable location for a nuclear waste dump.’

iStockAnalyst: Russia, China Intend to Jointly Build Second Extension of Tianwan Npp

‘Russia and China have agreed on building the second extension of the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told a Russian-Chinese economic forum in Moscow on Tuesday.’

Daily Times: Pakistan calls for steps to meet N-energy demand

‘UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan on Tuesday called for evolving a universal and non-discriminatory criterion that would ensure every state’s right to peaceful nuclear energy use to meet the growing worldwide energy demand.’