Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

International Herald Tribune: Venezuela, France eye nuclear energy cooperation

‘France is willing to help Venezuela develop a civilian nuclear power program, the foreign ministers of both countries said Thursday. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner also said that France would like to use Venezuela — a staunch critic of the United States — as a go-between with Iran in discussions about the Middle Eastern nation's disputed nuclear program, but that Iranian officials have so far proved unreceptive to the approach.’

The Guardian: Iran willing to abandon uranium enrichment, envoy suggests

‘Iran would consider suspending uranium enrichment if the country were guaranteed a supply of nuclear fuel for its power stations, a senior Iranian diplomat said yesterday.’

The Economist: Who wins, nukes

‘NO NUCLEAR material, no bomb. It’s as simple as that. Hence the renewed, unanimous call by the United Nations Security Council for Iran to cease its suspect uranium-enriching and plutonium work. The same is true for terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, known to be seeking nuclear materials and other weapons of mass destruction as a “religious duty”. The difference is that Iran can produce its own fissile material; terrorists have to steal theirs.’

Wall Street Journal: Cap in Hand: Power Companies Feel Credit Crunch, Too

‘The latest victims of the credit crunch? U.S. utilities, which after the government and the finance sector are the nation’s third-biggest borrowers. Rebecca Smith reported in the WSJ that power companies are increasingly feeling the pain. The capital-hungry industry is finding it harder, or at least more expensive, to get cash. And that cash is needed to build new power plants and transmission lines to keep the lights on. The credit crunch is just the latest blow to a sector that has already felt deregulation, looming environmental regulation, and wild swings in fuel prices.’

The Guardian: Warren Buffett and EDF set for power struggle over Constellation

‘Warren Buffett looks to be set on a collision course with French electricity giant, EDF, over Constellation Energy, the US nuclear firm he has just agreed to buy for $4.7bn (£2.7bn).’

World Nuclear News: Nine Mile Point COL lodged

‘Unistar, a joint venture of Constellation Energy and Electricité de France's EDF Group, is seeking approval for an Areva-designed 1600 MWe EPR unit which would be built at a site on the shores of Lake Ontario, already home to two boiling water reactors.’

Science Daily: Chernobyl Fallout? Plutonium Found In Swedish Soil

‘More than 20 years later, researchers from Case Western Reserve University traveled to Sweden and Poland to gain insight into the downward migration of Chernobyl-derived radionuclides in the soil. Among the team's findings was the fact that much more plutonium was found in the Swedish soil at a depth that corresponded with the nuclear explosion than that of Poland.’

Bloomberg: U.S. Rules Out Compromise on North Korea Inspections

‘The U.S. said North Korea must submit to international inspections of its nuclear sites, as envoy Christopher Hill continued talks in Pyongyang today aimed at salvaging the disarmament process.’