Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

Reuters: Nuclear power back on German political agenda

‘Although there is no prospect Germany will build new nuclear stations, there are signs some closures could be put on hold.’

Energy Daily: Hungary inaugurates first stage of nuclear waste disposal facility

‘The completed first stage of a nuclear waste disposal site -- the first in Hungary -- was inaugurated Monday in Bataapati, some 180 kilometres (110 miles) southwest of Budapest.’

Sofia Echo: RWE risks reputation loss with Belene power plant –Greenpeace

‘German power utility RWE put its reputation at stake by pursuing an interest to buy 49 per cent in the company that would build and operate Bulgaria's second nuclear power plant at Belene on the Danube River, Greenpeace has said in a media statement.’

TerraDaily: Emissions Rising Faster This Decade Than Last

‘The latest figures on the global carbon budget released in Washington and Paris indicate a four-fold increase in growth rate of human-generated carbon dioxide emissions since 2000.’

Gather: Ads Cite Financial Risks of Nuclear Energy

‘"First the government bails out the banks, then all of Wall Street, at a cost of over $1 trillion," a gravelly voiced announcer says in the ad, which Friends of the Earth posted Monday on YouTube. "So why would taxpayers ever risk billions on nuclear power plants? The default rate on the loans is over 50 percent and cost over-runs are astronomical."’ NRC rejects complaints based on inspector's report

‘The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has rejected calls by environmental groups to overhaul its review process before processing applications for license extensions by reactors in Vermont, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.’

The Peninsula: Qatar plans adding up to 5,400MW nuclear power

‘With a power crunch looming, Qatar is studying the possibility of adding up to 5,400 megawatts (MW) of nuclear capacity between 2011 and 2036, according to the ‘Arabian Gulf Electricity Industry’ report released by Moody’s yesterday.’

Gulf Times: North Korea gives ultimatum to the US in latest nuclear row

‘North Korea has given the United States an ultimatum to accept its proposed solution to the latest nuclear row between the two sides, a pro-Pyongyang newspaper said yesterday.’