Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: Nuclear power can't live up to proponents' hype

‘While nuclear industry lobbyists and their political backers are pushing for new nuclear power plants, is a nuclear resurgence really upon us? Wall Street and the public remain skeptical due to spiraling costs, the continued lack of a solution to the nuclear waste problem and a spectacular boom in the solar and wind industries.’

M&C: Russia's nuclear chief cancels visit to Tehran

‘Russia's nuclear power chief cancelled a Sunday visit to Tehran that was planned to prepare the nuclear fuel operation of the joint Bushehr power plant in southern Iran, ISNA news agency reported.’

Amsterdam News: Iran to share nuclear technology with Nigeria

‘Iran has offered to share its nuclear technology with Nigeria to help boost electricity generation in energy-starved Nigeria. The deal was reached at the end of three days of talks between officials of the two oil-producing nations. Gilbert da Costa has more for VOA in this report from Abuja.’

The Independent: French bid 'is best for BE’

‘British Energy (BE) will not get a better offer than French rival EDF's £12bn for a decade, Whitehall sources have claimed. The Government, which has a 35.5 per cent stake in BE, wants it to accept the 765p-a-share offer. The Government hopes that EDF will use its nuclear expertise to build reactors with BE as part of its power station roll-out plan.’

The Independent: The wind of change is slow to blow through Britain's energy policy

‘In two years' time, the UK seems certain to miss one of the core environmental targets of the Blair-Brown years. The Government pledged that 10 per cent of the country's electricity would be generated from renewable sources, principally from wind farms, but also including tidal and solar power.’

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