Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Managing the global growth of nuclear energy

‘It's inevitable that nuclear power will expand globally, raising the danger of increased proliferation. One controversial plan, GNEP, was pushed by the Bush administration as a way to curtail the risks. In a three-part Bulletin Web-Edition series, Leonor Tomero examined the program and what might happen to its partners and stakeholders if it's no longer funded. With that program looking less and less viable, how will the fuel cycle be managed going forward?’

Institute for Science and International Security: Indian Nuclear Export Controls and Information Security: Important Questions Remain

‘ISIS believes that important questions remain about the adequacy and implementation of India's export control and nuclear classification procedures. In addition, India's illicit procurement of dual-use nuclear-related items for its unsafeguarded nuclear program belies its commitment to the Nuclear Suppliers Group.’

redOrbit: Nuclear Triggers a Mixed Reaction

‘The problem, John Busby [a nuclear fuels expert] argues, is that across the world uranium mining is rapidly running through the easy-to-get-at ore, and is having to go deeper and deeper, and to mine ore of increasingly dubious purity, to meet demand. "In Canada, the leading supplier of uranium, two mines have closed and two of the three operating uranium mines have passed their Hubbert's Peaks." Hubbert's Peak is the point on the graph that marks the apex of world oil production - the oil sector is already beyond that point and so, now, is uranium mining.’