Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

Red, Green, and Blue: Italy’s Berlusconi Vows a Return to Nuclear

‘A month after the conservatives and their embattled leader returned to power back in April, the Italian government said it would begin building nuclear power stations to solve the country’s dependence on foreign oil and gas supplies.’

Digital Chosunilbo: Seoul to Suspend Aid If N.Korea Restores Nuke Reactor

‘South Korea and the U.S. are expected to temporarily suspend economic and energy aid to the North which they promised if the North disables its nuclear facilities, it emerged Sunday. The South Korean government has decided to postpone sending 1,500 tons of welded steel pipes to the North, which was scheduled for Thursday, and wait to see what the North will do next.’

Irish Times: No evidence of nuclear reactor found at Syrian site

‘INITIAL TESTS of material from a Syrian site bombed by Israel last September do not support US allegations that the target was a clandestine nuclear reactor, unidentified diplomats said on Saturday.’

The Guardian: EDF takeover of British Energy set to be signed off this week

‘Lawyers for British Energy and EDF of France were completing the final paperwork on a £12.4bn merger last night amid hopes that the formal deal can be fully signed off and announced to the London stockmarket as early as tomorrow.’

On Line Opinion: Treaties Committee rejects Russia uranium agreement

‘The majority report, written by committee chair Kelvin Thompson and other [Australian] Labor members, concludes that the government should not ratify the agreement until a number of onerous conditions have been met, the most important being the implementation of nuclear safeguards inspections in Russia, separation of civilian and military nuclear facilities, demonstrated compliance with disarmament obligations, demonstrated resolution of the problem of nuclear theft and smuggling, and proper consideration of the ramifications of "recent political events affecting Russia" (read: Russia's invasion of Georgia).’

redOrbit: What's Nuking in the Kitchen

‘A New York Times article has revealed that expensive granite countertops, a common fixture in kitchens, could contain more than bargained for.

An igneous rock (formed of magma), granite is the natural source of radiation, as it contains uranium, the mineral used in producing nuclear weapons. What that means is that granite decays, we could be exposed to both radioactivity and radon gas.’ McCain and Obama Both Wrong on Nuclear Power

‘With due respect for senators Obama and McCain, they both are venting radioactive nonsense. Millions of lives are at stake, so let's dispel the absurd fantasy of "safe and secure" nuclear power. The only thing "green" about nuclear power is the money its backers hope to pocket.’