Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

ISIS: Old Nuclear Cash Cows Exposed

‘The “nuclear renaissance” may be a convenient charade to distract people while industry milks the old nuclear cash cows to drain the public coffers and endanger the nation.’

New York Times: Power From the Restless Sea Stirs the Imagination

‘Years of such problems have discouraged ocean-power visionaries, but have not stopped them. Lately, spurred by rising costs for electricity and for the coal and other fossil fuels used to produce it, they are making a new push to overcome the barriers blocking this type of renewable energy.’

New York Times: A Cautious Approach to Nuclear Power

‘Worries about carbon dioxide and galloping demand for electricity might seem to be setting the stage for a renaissance of nuclear power. But reactors, it turns out, are not at the top of the list for stopping global warming, at least in the United States, at least not any time soon.’

CNN: EDF Open To Talks With US Partners Other Than Constellation-CEO

‘Utility Electricite de France SA is open to talks with potential U.S. partners for the building of nuclear plants other than Constellation Energy Group Inc. (CEG), Chief Executive Pierre Gadonneix said Wednesday.’

AFP: US nuclear envoy to meet Chinese, Japanese diplomats

‘The top US negotiator on North Korea's nuclear disarmament is due to meet later Wednesday with a top Chinese diplomat on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, the State Department said.’