WIBA: Florida Governor Doyle got money from nuclear power company, then softened his stance

A new study has found executives of a Florida utility gave Gov. Jim Doyle almost $24,000 weeks before Doyle softened his stance against nuclear power. Florida Power & Light Co. owns the Point Beach nuclear power plant near Two Rivers.

Telegraph: Why the Government's nuclear energy policy will fail

The Government is committed to a new generation of nuclear power stations to fill Britain's energy gap. But Tom Burke says the new nuclear policy is fundamentally flawed and is based on a misunderstanding of nuclear power's economics.

World Nuclear News: Most German businesses support nuclear extension

A survey conducted by the German association of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) indicates that almost 80% of businesses are in favour of extending the operating lives of country's nuclear power plants beyond current phase-out dates.

The online survey of more than 1150 businesses (46% in the industrial and construction sector; 21% traders; and 33% in the services sector) was conducted in mid July to gauge the opinion of companies on the country's climate and environmental protection measures.

Arms Control: Revised U.S. Proposal for India-Specific Exemption from Nuclear Suppliers Group Is Inadequate and Irresponsible

Today, the Arms Control Association (ACA) obtained a copy of the revised U.S. proposal to exempt India from existing nuclear trade restrictions maintained by the 45-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). The proposed rule change would allow India to acquire nuclear technology and material previously off limits to it because of India's misuse of past nuclear imports designated for peaceful purposes to conduct a nuclear explosion in 1974 and refusal to allow full-scope international safeguards on its nuclear complex.

Reuters: Lack of power and water cap Namibian uranium output

A shortage of energy and water will cap future uranium mine expansion in Namibia, but the country hopes to ease the bottlenecks through desalination and a new coal-fired power plant, an industry body said on Wednesday.

Freep: North Korea accused of nuclear moves

South Korea said Wednesday that North Korea has started work to restore its nuclear facilities after the communist country suspended operations to disable them last week.

News 24: South Africa - Nuclear contamination feared

Representatives from Namaqualand communities living near the Vaalputs national nuclear waste facility in the Northern Cape told Parliament's minerals and energy portfolio committee on Tuesday they feared their water supply was being radioactively contaminated. "We appeal urgently to Parliament to test the water in our area. There is one community at Kamassies who complain that their water has already been contaminated," community leader Tony Coetzee told MPs.