Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionToday's big stories from the nuclear industry:

Bloomberg: Buffett-Backed Atomic Fuel Bank Founders at UN Agency

‘Billionaire Warren Buffett’s plan to help the United Nations create a safe supply of enriched uranium is foundering because countries fear it will restrict their development of nuclear technology, officials and diplomats say.’

Reuters: Kuwait $10 mln pledge advances atomic fuel bank plan

‘A Kuwaiti offer raised pledged funding for an international nuclear fuel bank over $150 million on Thursday, clearing the way for an action plan to be drawn up by the chief U.N. nuclear monitor, diplomats said.’

Star Tribune: Nuclear power is still loaded with problems

‘No solution to global warming is benign, but some solutions are more cost-effective or safer than others. Times may have changed, but the problems with nuclear power have not.’

World Nuclear News: Studsvik to decommission Dessel

‘Studsvik of Sweden has been awarded a contract to coordinate and supervise the project to decommission Belgonucleaire's mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel fabrication plant in Dessel, Belgium.’

UPI: Kazakhs boost uranium as oil prices flatline, but waste issues remain unsolved

‘Unlike many other newly emerging oil-rich nations, Kazakhstan is not placing all its hopes on its hydrocarbon resources but seeking to diversify its energy exports to include uranium, adducing an increased demand for the fuel in coming decades from countries interested in nuclear power. Ultimately, however, having the silvery metal underwrite an increased percentage of the national economy might well prove to be a mixed blessing. In a world increasingly conscious of greenhouse gases and global warming, nuclear power has great appeal, but 55 years after the world's first nuclear power plant became operational, no one has yet figured out how to safely dispose of the waste.’