Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionToday's big stories from the nuclear industry:

Attacks on Pakistani Nuclear Facilities

’In July, the CTC Sentinel published an analysis stating that over the past two years, several Pakistani nuclear weapons sites have come under attack. Shaun Gregory, the author of the report and an expert on Pakistani security, pointed to three instances where Pakistani sites were targeted by militants...’

Next Ice Age A Threat To Olkiluoto Nuclear Waste Respository?

’A research project is under way in Greenland examining the impact of glaciers on bedrock. The international project is being funded by nuclear power companies that are planning the final storage of radioactive wastes hundreds of metres below the earth’s surface. The Finnish sponsor of the project is Posiva Oy which is beginning construction work on an underground nuclear waste repository in 2020 at Olkiluoto. The final waste storage facility is to be designed to withstand the challenges posed by nature for the next 100,000 years. Experts predict that the next ice age may start in Finland in about 6000 years.’

Iran allows U.N. watchdog access to planned reactor

’VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran allowed IAEA nuclear officials to inspect the construction site of a heavy water reactor last week after blocking visits by the U.N. non-proliferation watchdog for over a year, diplomats said.’

Ecuador: Russian Nuclear Energy Aid

’Russia will help Ecuador develop a nuclear energy program for peaceful purposes, according to a new energy cooperation agreement between the countries, Ecuador’s government said Thursday. The ministry of electricity and renewable energy said the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation, or Rosatom, would provide “support and assistance” to Ecuador. Russia is seeking to increase ties with leftist governments in Latin America, a campaign that has renewed some cold-war-era tensions with the United States.’

Pakistan feels heat from nuclear powers over talks block

’Pakistan came under severe pressure from the major nuclear powers on Thursday to end its defiance of 64 other countries in blocking international disarmament talks. Despite warnings that the blockage could discredit the world's principal disarmament forum, Pakistan's ambassador Zamir Akram held firm against an unusual joint offensive by Britain, China, Russia and the United States.’

Life on the nuclear shortlist

’As the thundering hooves of her enormous Clydesdale horses crash into the surf it is easy to see why Annie Rose brought her business to the Cumbrian coast. Running Britain's only stables specializing in offering rides on Clydesdale and Shire horses, she guides riders from the peaks of the Lake District to the beach at Kirksanton. Bringing her powerful horse to a halt, she reflects on the shock so many locals felt when this tiny village was named as one of the potential sites for a new generation of nuclear power stations. "It would be directly where we are now and you can just imagine the impact this would have," she says.’

RI supports Myanmar in its development of nuclear technology

’Indonesia will support Myanmar in its development of nuclear technology for civilian use, despite controversies over the junta's poor human rights records, a top official said. Rezlan Ishar Jenie, the Foreign Ministry's director general for multilateral diplomacy, said Friday that the international community should not mistake Myanmar's desire to develop a nuclear program with peaceful intentions for an attempt to commit more violations of human rights.‘