Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed: IAEA finds traces of uranium at Syrian site

‘United Nations investigators have found traces of uranium at a Syrian site Israel bombed in September 2007, diplomats accredited to the International Atomic Energy Agency said yesterday. Washington says the site was a secret nuclear reactor, and the diplomats said the minute uranium particles turned up in some environmental swipe samples UN inspectors took at the site in a visit last June. They added the finding was not enough to draw conclusions but raised concerns requiring further clarification. ’ KAZAKHSTAN: ASTANA PURSUES NUCLEAR ENERGY DEAL WITH INDIA

‘Uranium from Kazakhstan will soon be powering Indian nuclear plants, the Kazakh ambassador to India revealed in a newspaper interview.’

The Scotsman: Power – and who should have it

‘The SNP administration, which is strongly anti-nuclear, has looked to ways of using its devolved powers to stymie the building of new nuclear power stations in Scotland. This anti-nuclear stance has extended to attacking plans to renew the Trident warheads on the Clyde, by suggesting the imposition of tolls on roads leading to the Faslane submarine base. ’

Guardian: Nuclear's appeal wanes in Qatar as energy prices fall

‘Nuclear power plants have become less economically attractive for Qatar with the fall in international oil and gas prices, a Qatari official said Monday. "Nuclear would not compete with the current price of gas for us," Yousuf Janahi, manager of corporate planning and business development at Qatar's state-owned power company Kahramaa, told Reuters on the sidelines of a nuclear energy conference.’

World Nuclear News: French committee reports on nuclear safety

‘A committee appointed by the French government has made 18 recommendations for the country's nuclear industry to improve transparency and information on nuclear safety.’

Der Spiegel: The Renaissance of the Anti-Nuclear Movement

‘This weekend over 15,000 people turned out to disrupt a delivery of nuclear waste across Germany -- one of the largest such protests in years. The German press expects the nuclear issue to play a big role in next year's election campaign.’

ABC News: Uranium export unpopular amongst Australians: survey

‘A new poll suggests a majority of Australians are against the export of uranium to countries that have nuclear weapons.’

World Nuclear News: Financing a concern for American Centrifuge Plant

‘USEC has said that, despite "substantial progress" with constructing the American Centrifuge Plant (ACP), it remains uncertain how the uranium enrichment plant will ultimately be financed.’