Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

Forbes: Trouble Awaits Nuclear Investors

‘Indian industry has hailed the signing of the U.S.-India nuclear agreement as an opportunity to solve crippling power shortage problems and to generate increased sources of wealth. However, plans to invest in the sector will take years to realize and will encounter significant problems along the way.’

Sydney Morning Herald: Syrian site faces scrutiny by atomic agency

‘FRESHLY evaluated soil and air samples from a Syrian site bombed by Israel on suspicion it was a covert nuclear reactor provide enough evidence to go ahead with a UN investigation.’

IHT: Eastern Europe looks to nuclear revival to meet its power needs

‘The renewed interest in nuclear energy in a region that has been under intense pressure from the European Union to close unsafe older-generation plants coincides with a lively debate in several West European countries, in which governments seek cleaner energy options to combat climate change.’

IHT: Accidents and uncertain rules harm nuclear power's image in Europe

‘Eight nuclear incidents reported since May 24 in Europe, including the inadvertent contamination of 100 workers and an off-site release of radioactive uranium in France, are reminders that the industry is a source of routine and accidental radioactive pollution.’