Bellona: Lithuania’s shutdown nuclear power plant leaks 300 tonnes of radioactive sludge – could the accident repeat itself in Russia?
‘Witnesses say the leak of three hundred tonnes of radioactive sludge at Lithuania’s closed-down Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) last October 5 – the accident occurred during decommissioning works at this site, which used to operate Chernobyl-type RBMK reactors – led to radiation exposure suffered by cleanup personnel and severe contamination of the premises. Did management try to downplay the accident? And are accidents like this possible at RBMK-running NPPs in Russia?’

Kyiv Post: Will Russia really build Ukraine its own nuclear fuel plant? Not all think so
‘The deal was signed and hailed as part of a visit to Kyiv by none other than Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. But some fear Ukraine is far from certain of getting its own source of nuclear fuel and thus lessening its energy dependence on Moscow. And the reason for such fears, according to critics of the Oct. 27 signing, is that Moscow has no interest in breaking the monopoly it has long held on deliveries of Russian made nuclear fuel to Ukraine’s four nuclear power stations.’

WSMV Nashville: Study Finds Enriched Uranium In River
‘One of Tennessee's most scenic and challenging whitewater rivers has widespread evidence of nuclear fuel contamination. A new study out Thursday shows the troubled Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Erwin is apparently discharging enriched uranium into the Nolichucky River. Channel 4 News has investigated NFS and its many safety problems that led to a six-month shutdown about a year ago. The Sierra Club and local activists gathered water, soil and shellfish, some as far as 45 river miles downriver from the nuclear fuel plant. The scientist who analyzed the samples said the type of uranium seen in them is not the kind that is found in nature, and the only plausible interpretation is that the elements came from the processes at NFS.’