Remember last week and the German election result that threw into doubt Angel Merkel’s plans to extent the lifetime of the countries nuclear reactors? Her government no longer controls the upper house Bundesrat or Federal Council. So what is a pro-nuclear government determined to get its way to do? Simple: just ignore the Federal Council:

It was thought that any extension of the lifespan of Germany's nuclear plants would require the approval of the Bundesrat, but now, Ronald Pofalla, Merkel's chief of staff, has announced Berlin's intention to bypass the Bundesrat entirely.

See? Problem solved. Who needs democratic accountability?

We’re sorry to say that this isn’t an isolated case. You see it wherever the nuclear industry and its supporters aren’t getting what they want. They, to but it bluntly, cheat.

Look at the UK’s attempts to launch its nuclear renaissance. The main features of it so far have been unlawful (that is, rigged) public consulatations and highly biased opinion polling.

In Slovakia the industry put together a plan to avoid public consultation altogether. In Bulgaria the public consultation process was stuffed with lies, misinformation and deception. In Canada the ‘expert’ panel was full of pro-nuclear people and the online opinion poll was again biased.

You see the same dirty tricks all over the world. Time after time, the nuclear industry fails in being about to argue for nuclear power on its own merits or provide a convincing argument. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t need to rig consultations and opinion polls or gerrymander and circumvent the democratic process. Whatever happened to the strength of the nuclear industry’s and its supporters’ convictions? It's been lost along with their senses of fair play and accountability.