A lot of propaganda surrounding the so-called benefits of nuclear power comes out of the industry. It’s clean, they say. It’s safe, they insist. It’s cheap, they declare. It’s going to help us cut CO2 emissions, they pronounce.

It’s a full-time job documenting and debunking it all. Sometimes, however, there are those inside the nuclear industry who help do our job. The latest nuclear figure doing their best to show nuclear energy as the unsafe, dirty, expensive, environment damaging white elephant we’ve all come to know and loathe is the CanDU facility in Ontario, Canada.

The site needs a massive 17 million litres of water a minute from Lakes Huron and Ontario to keep its six reactors from going into meltdown. The heated water is then poured back into the Great Lakes. This process has gone on for years. The temperature of the lakes has been raised to such an extent that ice is no longer forming on them as it has in the past. This means the water in the lakes evaporates at a greater rate, forming clouds and trapping solar radiation.

In short, we have a nuclear power plant that, not only undermines climate protection by distracting decision makers from real solutions such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, but is actively contributing to climate change.