In the most "Woody Allen esque" protest I've seen in a while, 50 activists dressed as renewable energy sources (sun, wind, water) used a fire truck to get into one of the dodgiest nuclear plants in Sweden.

I'm going in! 

They want their govenment to follow through on a decades old national referendum to phase out nuclear power. The Swedish parliment will vote this week on whether to stick to the nuclear power phase out, or backslide and open the door to new reactors.

Our man in Sweden says:

“The Swedish parliament is risking the country’s reputation and position as a progressive leader in clean and safe energy development. All the evidence shows that nuclear power is a dangerous, expensive and dead-end distraction from the real solutions to climate protection and energy security. Reactors are standing in the way of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.”
 -- Ludvig Tillman, energy campaigner for Greenpeace Nordic.

We have a fire truck.


Sun, wind and water with their ladders - © Johanna Hanno / Greenpeace

Please pay no attention to the large red fire engine - © Christian Åslund / Greenpeace