It could be argued that the ultimate aim of Greenpeace (and by extension this blog) is to put itself out of a job. If everybody would just do their bit for their environment, all the lovely people at Greenpeace could pack up and go home and quit bugging you. There are nicer things in life, after all, than constantly having to remind people how they’re flushing their planet down the toilet.

The thing is, looking around the place, that’s not going to happen any time soon. There’s been another leak at another French nuclear power plant. That makes four in two weeks alone. The nuclear power plant in question? Why, it’s our old friend Areva’s Tricastin which, only two weeks ago, was pouring thousands of litres of uranium into the local rivers.

This time, 100 staff were exposed to radioactive particles from a leaking pipe. A spokesman for Electricite de France (EDF) said the workers were only ‘slightly contaminated’ which in no way takes away from the fact that these people should not have been contaminated at all, however ‘slightly’. Nuclear contamination is like being pregnant – you either are or you aren’t. You can’t be ‘slightly’ pregnant. And like pregnancy, if you don’t want to be contaminated, you really should take the proper precautions.

So, yes, as long as the likes of EDF and Areva continue to display spectacular incompetence and a downright dangerous attitude towards safety, Greenpeace will have a job to do. We’re also starting to wonder if these leaks aren’t being orchestrated by Areva or EDF’s extremely busy PR departments. Unlike us, they seem to want a job for life.