The nuclear industry has had 60 years to come up with a way of financing itself. In that time it has failed utterly to do so. Decade after decade it has had to rely on taxpayers and government subsidies to build its reactors.

It's never enough. Time and time again they come back with their begging bowls asking for another handout. And here they come again.

Leaked plans show that the European Union wants to change existing rules to allow countries to provide state aid to nuclear reactor builders - something not currently allowed under EU law.

This is typical of the nuclear industry. It constantly finds itself playing a losing game and so is always trying to fix the rules to try and win.

Its spokespeople say one thing and mean another. Take Vincent de Rivaz, CEO of EdF Energy in the UK. In 2009, he said:

"Claims that nuclear has been subsidised in the past, so must be in the future, fail to recognise that the world has moved on."

It looks very much as if the world has moved on once again. The nuclear industry is back and it wants more of your money.

We need to say "enough is enough". If we want to keep our wallets in our pockets, we need to tell the EU that nuclear power doesn’t deserve our money.

(Find out more about the leaked EU plans over at the Greenpeace EU Unit.)