What is it with the nuclear industry and their obsession with robots? They love them, the big kids. Apparently at insanely over-schedule and over-budget nuclear dump Yucca Mountain in Nevada, they’re planning to build a fleet of robots which will maintain the site in a hundred years (we suppose we should be grateful the US nuclear industry is thinking even that far ahead).

Now we’re introduced to the cute yellow critters currently helping with the clean up of hyper-contaminated Scottish nuclear site, Dounreay, because large parts of the site are lethal to humans. The dinky ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) have been compared with cute movie clean-up robot Wall-E who’s currently wowing kids in cinemas around the world.

The thing is, in his film, the lonely Wall-E is cleaning up an Earth that has been so devastatingly polluted and contaminated the human race has had to flee to outer space…

(Thanks to No 2 Nuclear Power for the link)