2003 in pictures

Feature story - 23 December, 2003
It was a tough year for the planet, and our retrospective shows plenty of cause for concern, but reason for hope and celebration as well. Look back at the protests against the war in Iraq where millions took to the streets, see how an Amazon community protected their forest land, witness the destruction of forest fires and floods in southern Europe in just 6 months and a birds eye view of protecting the tallest trees in the world.

The welcome for the Rainbow Warrior on arrival in India.

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The start of the year saw the gathering race to attack Iraq at any cost so our flagship the Rainbow Warrior blocked the Marchwood Military Port in Southampton while activists painted an anti-war message on a military supply vessel.

The world's thirst for oil will continue to drive war, and Esso/Exxon will continue to drive US climate policy, until we're weaned from our addiction to fossil fuels.

In March citizens and students marched through the city centre of Tokyo as part of the World Peace Now rally.

May - Deni children holding a sign that will be used to mark their territory thus p reserving their land and their future from the treat of logging invasions.

June - Girl standing outside the Al-Majidat school for girls (900 pupils), next to the Tuwaitha nuclear facility in Iraq. Dangerous nuclear material have been left lying around the area, including near schools and houses. US forces are doing nothing to clean up the highly radioactive material.

August - Flames consume huge areas of forest in Montalvao, Portugal. Portugal declared a national disaster after the worst forest fires in more than two decades killed nine people, torched thousands of hectares of forest and destroyed homes. Global warming will increase the frequency and intensity of extreme weather like droughts, floods and storms.

November - Activist climbs to the Global Rescue Station, a platform built 65m up a tree in the Styx Valley, Tasmania. The valley is home to some of the world's tallest trees which are threatened with logging to turn them into wood chips.

December - Floods in southern France only months after a severe drought and forest fires in the same area. Global warming, caused by ever increasing consumption of fossil fuels like oil, means extreme weather events are becoming more frequent.