Nuclear power: out of Africa!

What would make you get out of bed to go climb a nuclear facility?

Feature story - 24 August, 2002
Greenpeace found its way into a nuclear power plant in South Africa to kick of the Earth Summit and its call for clean, renewable energy for 2 billiion people within the next ten years.

Greenpeace activists from five countries today launched a pre-dawn protest at Koeberg, Africaís only nuclear power plant as world leaders gather in Johannesburg for the Earth Summit

Six activists from six counties tackled the nuclear facility at Koeberg in the wee hours of dawn. Three men and three women hung a sign that read "Nukes Out of Africa". But what were they there for - what possesses any sane person to go on a climbing mission before the sun has risen, and on a nuclear power plant at that?

We are here to ensure that governments commit to bring cleaner, sustainable, renewable energy to the world. This means that northern industrial countries must expand targets for renewable energy, substitute clean energy for their existing fossil fuels and nuclear industries.

At the same time there needs to be a massive expansion of renewable energy to two billion of the worlds poorest people, who currently have no access to modern energy services.

This is necessary to tackle the twin evils of extreme poverty and the global problem of climate change. We think that's worth getting out of bed for.

What you can do:

With less than two days until the Earth Summit, can the mighty EnviroMen be stopped?

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