Bottom trawling: the UN decides

Blame Canada! And España!

Feature story - 17 November, 2006
This week will be our last chance for the UN to call for a moratorium on bottom trawling. The world is watching as Canada and Spain threaten to scupper what scientists call an "overwhelming" case. Take action now!

Before and after view of bottom trawling.

Here's what you can do:

1. Send a letter to the Prime Minister of Canada.

2. Send a letter to Spanish Ministers, and the EU Fisheries Commissioner.

3. Send the video below to everyone in your address book! Use the "Email to a Friend" link underneath it.

4. Post the video on your own website. Instructions and more tips here!

Blame Canada!

Tell Canada to support the moratorium!

Blame España!

Tell Spain and the EU to support the moratorium!