Esperanza welcomed to India

Feature story - 18 July, 2006
A blue-white smudge on the horizon is enough to cause tremendous excitement amongst everyone on board the little fishing boat bobbing up and down in the waters off the coast of Chennai. As it draws closer, revealing the brightly painted body of the beautiful Esperanza, it makes it real for all of us – this is the moment India becomes part of the 'Defending our Oceans' voyage, our most ambitious expedition to date.

Esperanza Arrives !

While the ship is docked at the Chennai Port for nearly a weekshe will receive hundreds of visitors keen to be part of theEsperanza's global expedition.

Slade, our web editor on board the Esperanza, describes the excitement of the locals at our arrival:

"It was a very warmreception from the local people. We had a traditional Carnatic MusicBand playing on the quayside when we came along side. They then boardedand gave each crew member a Haars (a necklace made of fresh flowers),and dabbed our forehead with a paint like substance known as Tikka.It's basically a blessing welcoming ritual. ... It wasquite a unique experience, which we all enjoyed a lot."

Planning for the future

In a press conference on board the Esperanza,  we also released areport titled 'Indian Coastal and Marine Ecosystem - Planning for theFuture.' The report, the first of its kind in India, calls for theincreased protection of India's marine diversity. The report wasreleased a day after a tsunami caused death and destruction alongIndonesia's coastline, hammering home the importance of coastal andmarine ecosystems around the world, and the vulnerability ofcommunities dependent on them.

The report presents case studies that highlight India's iconic coastal

biodiversity hotspots (Sunderbans, Bhitarkanika, Pichavaram, Coringa,Gulf of Mannar) and the threats they face, ranging from overfishing andloss of habitat to industrial destruction and aquaculture. Even though,as the Pichavaram case study shows, these ecosystems (such asmangroves) are often the first line of defense against naturaldisasters such as cyclones and tsunamis.

Greenpeace IndiaCampaigner Sanjiv Gopal said, "Nature has shown us it has the power toprotect when preserved, and destroy when abused. The choice is ours tomake."

We are in India to call on the Indian government to come up with aclear pathway to bring a larger percentage of coastal and marinehabitats under legal protection, in consultation with local fishingcommunities. We are urgning the Indian government to draw up a road mapof their plan for establishing a comprehensive network of fullyprotected marine reserves.

Check out the video of the Esperanza's arrival in Chennai on Ocean Defenders TV!

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Download the executive summary of the "Indian Coastal Marine Environment" report

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