ExxonMobil shut down by volunteers in UK

Feature story - 24 February, 2003
We closed 119 Esso garages around the UK and blocked the entrance to the Esso HQ in Leatherhead in response to Esso's on-going campaign to keep the US hooked on oil, fuelling war and causing global warming.

One of the hundred Esso stations closed across the UK today

Greenpeace activists in the UK severely disrupted the operation of the world's most powerful company, ExxonMobil (also known as Esso).

Greenpeace volunteers closed down more than 100 Esso petrol stations across the United Kingdom. Another one hundred volunteers peacefully blocked the entrance to the company's huge UK headquarters in Surrey, where more than a thousand staff normally work. Esso sent its staff home in response.

"ExxonMobil has done more than any other company to keep the US hooked on oil in order to protect its business in fossil fuels. ExxonMobil has spent the last decade sabotaging international action on climate change and directing US climate and energy policy," said Greenpeace's Stephanie Tunmore.

Tunmore added, "This looming war is a barely disguised attempt by George Bush to get his hands on Iraqi oil. By driving the USA's addiction to oil, ExxonMobil is fuelling this war for oil."

A new Greenpeace report shows how oil addiction is fuelling the drive to war and the role Esso has played.

Read the report Tiger in the Tanks: ExxonMobil, oil dependency and the war in Iraq (pdf)

Find out more about today's activities in the UK and watch the Esso shutdown movie at www.greenpeace.org.uk