Exxon to staff: vote for oil

Dirty war on global warming

Feature story - 11 October, 2004
There's nothing nastier than a wounded tiger. ExxonMobil(Esso) is licking its wounds as Russia moves closer to ratifying the Kyoto protocol. But the world's number one environmental criminal is still fighting tooth and nail to deny the truth about climate change. The US government is increasingly isolated and Exxon is out to ensure its workers keep it that way by voting for US politicians who oppose action against global warming.

Exxon tells staff, retirees, and contractors how to vote in US presidential and congressional elections.

To compliment corporate front groups, lawsuits against critics, and tireless lobbying against any global warming regulation, Exxon is stepping up its efforts to get employees to vote "pro-business".

According to a story reported by the Dow Jones Newswire, Exxon is mailing its 34,000 employees with election materials and helpful voter guides which -- surprise! --give the Republican Party gold star ratings for spurning global warming regulation, supporting drilling for oil in the Arctic wildlife refuge, and letting oil refineries release more pollution by weakening the Clean Air Act.

Exxon is informing not only its employees but also retirees and contractors how they should vote in upcoming presidential and congressional races across the US.

"We obviously are promoting candidates who are pro-business and candidates who recognize the importance of a viable policy on energy," Ken Cohen, the vice president for public affairs and the chairman of ExxonMobil's PAC, said. "Republicans more often tend to line up on those issues than Democrats."

In 2000 Exxon gave 91 percent (US$1.37 million) of it political donations to the Republican Party. Exxon was more than amply repaid when President GW Bush promptly withdrew the US from the only global treaty to control global warming, the Kyoto Protocol.

In a message at ExxonMobils' Citizen Action Team website, company CEO Lee Raymond states "it is essential that we as a company, and more importantly as individuals, are part of the political process." The website's front page quotes Thomas Jefferson: "We in America do not have a government by the majority. We have a government by the majority who participate."

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Exxon to Greenpeace: Stay away

In the past, Greenpeace has uncovered Exxon links to White House policymaking, we've exposed Exxon funding to front groups debunking climate science. Greenpeace offices around the world have taken direct, non-violent action to put the company's war on the climate in check.

As a result, Exxon has secured court injunctions in several countries to keep Greenpeace away from Exxon property. We're actually really happy to do so, and we are asking you to do likewise: please, everyone, stay away from ExxonMobil and Esso properties! Under no circumstances should you go near any property marked with an Exxon or Esso logo. To make sure we're all clear about this, send a message now promising Exxon that you'll stay away. Tell them you won't buy their product, won't go near their pumps, and won't contribute to the war chest that they are using to silence critics and to battle the truth about global warming.

Don't buy ExxonMobil. Don't buy Esso.