Gary Gallon

Feature story - 8 July, 2003
Greenpeace has learned with great sadness of the passing of Mr Gary Gallon, who was a member of the organisation's first board of directors.

Rainbow Warrior in full sail off Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mr Gallon had a brilliant career as an environmentalist, with the Society for the Promotion of Environmental Conservation (SPEC), the Environmental Liaison Centre in Nairobi, at Pollution Probe, and later with the Ontario government. He is probably most well known lately for The Gallon Environment Letter, a widely distributed environment and business e-newsletter.

Although Gallon's formal involvement with Greenpeace was limited to the early days in Vancouver, when he loaned us our first "real" office space, his work and ours overlapped and complemented each other at various points over the


In May 2003, Gary Gallon received the Canadian Institute for Business and Environment's Life Time Achievement Environment Award.