Global Day of Action to end commercial whaling

Feature story - 23 April, 2002
Around the world today, Greenpeace activists are delivering empty whale meat boxes to Japanese embassies.

Eighty protesters walk through Vienna to the Japanese embassy, to protest Japan's continued whaling.

Made to look like the ones used by the Japanese whaling fleet, the boxes highlight the commercial reality of so-called "scientific" whaling.

In New Zealand, a "whale meat" delivery van pulled up in front of the Japanese Embassy. Whale meat boxes where used to build a wall that said, "Whales are NOT for Sale" on the front.

In Berlin, Greenpeace unloaded truckloads of whale meat boxes, and stacked them in front of the Japanese embassy. Yesterday, in Austria, 80 protestors sporting white uniforms and white painted faces shouldered their burden of whale tails and whale meat boxes on sticks and stood in silent vigil in front of the Japanese embassy.

In Tokyo, a petition signed by marine and cetacean biologists from around the world calling upon the government to end its scientific whaling was delivered to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In Australia, there was a display of Butoh dancing by artists in white body paint on a red carpet in front of the Japanese consulate in Sydney. Butoh combines modern and traditional Japanese dance styles.

The protests will continue in other countries throughout the day.